Dear folks, sorry I haven’t written… Again

In true Half-Assed Lane style, I am now back from my 18+ month hiatus. I do have a good excuse reason; quite a few of them, actually. Believe it or not, my life went from its normal Half-Assed schedule to one that went beyond hectic and straight into mind-numbingly crazy. When I last wrote, Hubby and I had just sold our house. It sounds like such an innocent thing, doesn’t it? If only it was as simple as “sold house; moved into new house”. Because of how crazy it’s been over the past 18+ months, I’ve decided to give you all an update. In four installments of “Dear Folks, Sorry I Haven’t Written Lately”, I’ll tell you about the insanity that my life had turned into so you can be up to date on all the changes that have happened (and there have been quite a bit!).