AWOL Explanation

Sorry I’ve been AWOL for the last two months, guys. Things have been super crazy. Like, my whole world was just picked up and shaken like a snow globe. What has been going on, you ask? Well, Hubby and I have decided to build a house. And sell our house. And move in with my mom, who is also selling her house and is also building a house. What can I say, we’re a slightly crazy family. Since I’ve been absent for the past two months, I thought I would give you a rundown of what we’ve been doing.

On August 17th we got home from DC, about a week later we innocently headed out to drop off a package and drove by a development that caught our eye. This place looked awesome. After we dropped off the package, we headed back to the development and took a look around. Well, we were totally sold on the place. That weekend we took my mom out and she fell in love with the area, too. With in a week we had both reached out to our realtor friend and started looking at homes. It wasn’t long before Hubby and I began working day and night getting our house ready to be listed. There was nothing major we needed to do, but there was a ton of little stuff. Paint touch up, holes that needed to be patched, etc.

Anyway, we finally found a house plan that we absolutely love and decided to build. Meanwhile, my mom also found a house and signed a contract. She was the smart one, though, and decided to wait to put her house on the market until things were a little closer to the move in date. The next step in our crazy adventure was to start picking everything out. And I mean everything, right down to the exterior mortar color. We had about twenty, maybe even thirty, different colors to pick from. Maybe this is just my inexperience talking, but I didn’t even know they made colored mortar! Right after our second design meeting, Hubby and I met with our realtor and signed more papers to put our house up for sale.

Around this time I got a surprise in the mail. It wasn’t anything fancy or expensive, but it was a first for me. This little surprise was… My first royalties check! OMG, right? Okay, it was only $5.00, but who cares?! Not long after that mom and I headed to LA for a little trip to get away from all the craziness of selling and buying houses. Little did I know that the day after I got into LA we would get an offer on our house. We literally had our house on the market for five days before we got an offer that we accepted, which started a whole new level of crazy in our life. By this time Hubby and I had already started packing little things up and moving everything into storage. We had also moved into my moms home, so we didn’t have to worry about finding an apartment to rent while our house was being built.

That all happened a month ago, though it feels like it all started earlier in the year. Just a couple weeks ago we finished our last design meeting and got to watch as our house transitioned from a dirt lot to an outline of cement blocks to a framed house. Yes, folks, our house is now framed! Which is absolutely astonishing considering that we got this whole thing started only (only?!) two months ago. Just yesterday, Hubby and I went through our framed-in house on an electrical walk. An electrical walk, I found out, is just about deciding where outlets, switches, and lights absolutely must go. Turns out new building codes require an outlet every six feet in a room, which is absolutely awesome. Our electrical walk only took an hour, but that felt a little long when it was only 42 degrees  and we were standing in the shade most of the time. Okay, truthfully I didn’t really care about the weather, I was inside my soon to be house!

So that’s it, really. That’s what I’ve been up to these past couple of months, hopefully you can forgive me. I can’t promise a consistent update, but I can promise that I will be posting regularly for the foreseeable future. I’m sure soon I’ll include you in more drama, especially if mom sells her house soon.

Well, until next time!


Pantry Makeover, Part Two

The pantry is done! Well, almost done… still need to play around with organization. So it’s 95% done. Mom, being the wonderful person she is, came over this afternoon and helped me go through the massive pile of items and find places for those items. Have I mentioned how wonderful she is? Anyway, instead of a long paragraphs describing everything… here are some photos!
Filled 1

Filled 2

Filled 3Pantry Collage 2

So much better! Just so you know, I purged just a few items. This is basically everything that was in the pantry before. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go swoon over the pantry now.

Pantry Makeover, Part One

Remember that small home improvement job that I told you about a couple days ago? Well, I’m here to share step one with you! When we first moved into our house (about four years ago), one of the things we really wanted to do was replace the crappy wire shelving in our pantry. It didn’t hold things right and there was this strange black hole, if something got shoved into the back it was never seen again… until we decided to go through the pantry and found the thing that was very expired. Finally we decided that it was time to get started on it after I got back from California. Much to my surprise (read: fangirl squealing), however, Hubby decided to start on it early. On Friday he sent me a link to Lucy Designs, I’m pretty sure that this woman can read minds. This is exactly what we wanted to do to our pantry! You should totally go check out this woman’s blog, she has tons of projects, crafts, and ideas!

Here’s a quick photo recap of what we did. I’d tell you how to do it, but Lucy did such a great job!

Full Pantry


Empty Pantry

Bare Wall

Cleats 2

Shelves 1Pantry Collage


Isn’t that such a huge difference? We’re not even done yet! You’ll see tomorrow what was left to do. Now it’s time for me to get back work.