Dear Folks, Sorry I haven’t Written Part 2

As promised, here is the first installment of Dear Folks, Sorry I Haven’t Written.

My last true post in October of 2014 talked about how we had sold our house and were building a new one. I’m happy to say that we did move into our house right on schedule. In between moving out of our old home and into our new one, the three of us (Hubby, Buddha the Bulldog, and I) stayed with my mother and my little brother. I’m sure some of you are thinking “Oh God, this poor woman!”. Think again, my friends! We’re quite a close family and, truthfully, it was a lot of fun being that close (almost on top of) each other. It definitely made binge watching our favorite TV shows much easier since we didn’t have to figure out who was going to host the most sacred of nights.

Things were relatively calm from October through February, our only struggle was deciding everything for the house (who knew there were so many options for door handles?). Our first snag happened on the day we were to move in. An epic winter storm was heading our way and was expecting to dump a couple inches of snow (big deal here in the south) and ice (even bigger deal) on us. Being the crazy people that we are, Hubby and I quickly started loading everything up in the moving van and began shuffling back and forth from our storage shed to our new house. We managed to get everything moved over in just a couple days (thanks to some amazing movers and family help). Just a few hours before we finished moving, the snow started to fall… and fall, and fall. Snow was falling pretty steadily by the time the last box was brought in. It wasn’t until later that night (maybe 9:00pm) that I realized it was Valentine’s day. Dinner was a romantic evening surrounded by boxes eating out of Chinese To Go containers.

When we woke up the next morning we were in a winter wonderland… And stuck at home. When I say stuck at home, I mean that we couldn’t even get out of our neighborhood. This was discovered after Hubby (an Upstate New Yorker) tried to leave for work, only to come back a few minutes later to let me know that there wasn’t a chance he could make it to work today. Not such a big deal, really, unless you’re planning on having appliances delivered that day. That’s right, folks, we were in our new home with no fridge, washer, or drier. The company we bought our appliances at called a few minutes after Hubby came home to let us know that nothing was going in or out until the snow and ice had melted. Okay, we could live without those appliances for a couple days.

Or so we thought.

A couple days turn into ten before they could finally deliver anything. At that point we were using a cooler for a fridge and our back porch for a freezer. We had a small pile of clothes and towels at that point and I was actually looking forward to doing laundry by the time we finally got everything installed.

Things went smoothly for a while after that. The rest of February, March, and April went by without anything happening besides unpacking and decorating our new home. Mid-May came and my mother sold her house. She and my brother moved in with us, planning on only staying for about a couple weeks at most until mom’s house was finished. Being in the half-assed lane, that didn’t happen. Different issues (all mostly minor, but a few more major things) pushed her closing date further and further back. Instead of closing on her house in late May, she finally closed sometime in August. During that time, my Aunt moved from California to an apartment near us. Her move was uneventful, which was a blessing since moving across country is much different than moving a few miles away (and anyone who’s moved knows that there’s no such thing as an easy, eventless move).

After having my mom and brother living with us, the house felt empty for a while. There was a kind of easy chaos that happens when the four of us are together. A whirlwind of projects, family dinners, can’t-miss-TV, and other random things always happen when we’re together for any length of time. Not that her being down the street changed that, but it was different than when they were living with us. The calm that fell over the house after they moved out stayed through out September, which was filled with an easy calm. Little did we know that it was the calm before the storm. You know, that almost eerie silence that settles over the area right before a severe storm or some other natural disaster moves in.

Tune in next time for another installment of “Dear Folks”.