DC, Day Two

The last couple of days have ended a little late and a touch blurry, hence the no post. Since today is mostly our last day here (almost, we still have most of saturday) I thought I’d catch you up on the past couple of days

Day Two

Day two started out with a trip to the zoo, which was absolutely fabulous. Not long after we got there we realized that they had a baby panda (adorable!!!!). Little Boa Boa was one of the cutest little things ever! It was hard to get a good look at him since he decided to stay near the back of the exhibit (each exhibit was gigantic), but I did snap a couple good pictures.
Around 1:00pm we were getting a little peckish and thought about getting a snack, around this time Hubby looked at the map and realized that we had only seen about ⅓ of the zoo… and we’d been there for over two hours. The snack turned into lunch, which turned into cluster f*ck. There were four windows, two for po’boys and two for Italian food (pizza and such); however, you can order either one from either window. That wasn’t made clear to anyone until one clever person just ordered a damn pizza and a side of fries at the po’boy window. After that, things went slightly smoother… It still took a half hour for the six people in front of me to order.

After lunch we started down to see the rest of the zoo. Just as a warning for you folks, the hill that takes you down is easy to walk. The walk back sucks. It’s 8/10 of a mile. Up. Hill. And it’s not something that’s barely inclined, it’s a flipping hill. By this time we were pretty tired (read: my feet were hurting and i wasn’t looking forward to walking nearly a mile up hill). After seeing a few of the exhibits, Hubby and I trudged up the hill and started to make our way back towards the metro.

Our next stop was the Library of Congress. This place is an absolute must see if you’re ever in DC. I had seen pictures of the library part, so I wasn’t too convinced that it’d be as fascinating as everyone was saying. I was totally wrong. When you first walk in you see nothing but gorgeous archways, beautiful mosaic floors, and ceilings that are painted with angels.This was not what I was expecting. The beauty of the place made my jaw drop and all I wanted to do for the next few minutes was just stare at the ceiling and take pictures. After that we headed towards Thomas Jefferson’s library. That is a must see exhibit. This man had books on nearly every subject under the sun! From history to surgery to Spanish-English dictionaries and everything in between. It was amazing!

Afterwards we wandered over to the Persian exhibit. I can’t tell you all there is about the Persian exhibit, except that the books there are so beautiful that I wanted to take them home with me. Gold foiling, blue, red, and a myriad of other colors decorated pages of delicate script. It was absolutely gorgeous. Next was the American History exhibit, something I wasn’t too thrilled about. Once again I was blown away. This wasn’t the American history that you learned in school, this was the history of the Americas. There were artifacts from the Mayans, maps from when the Spaniards came to claim the land, and artifacts that made you wonder just how in the hell they did that. Seriously, folks, you must go the the Library of Congress.

Once we finished the Library, it was dinner time. Our choice of restaurants that night was Ben’s Chili Bowl. O.M.F.G. Delicious! The chili there was the perfect consistency for hotdogs and hamburgers, it held just a touch of spice, and was so flavorful. The chili cheese fries are to die for. They’re smothered in just the right amount of chili and cheese to make them messily delicious, but not soo much that it’s just a pain in the ass to eat. If you like chili and you like foods smothered in chili, you definitely have to go to this place.

After dinner we hit up a couple little bars that were near the restaurant. The first stop was Wine Bar 1301. It was a simple little place and we stopped in during Happy Hour. I had a glass of Rare Red, a blended red which was smooth, and Hubby had a glass of The Truth’s Flying Dog. As we were drinking, Hubby told me about this little bar around the corner that specialize in prohibition style drinks. We paid our tab and wandered around the corner and nearly walked by the place. The Gibson isn’t marked with a sign or anything, it just has a black door with their liquor license tacked up discretely in the window (that was the only way Hubby knew where it was). Once you go inside you’re taken to a table and given menus with a few pages of different drinks. This isn’t the place to get a Pina Colada, this is where you get a perfectly made Old Fashioned with an order of their house made olives. Hubby got himself and Old Fashioned and I ordered the Hollywood Addiction (a champagne mixed drink that was divine).

And that was that, folks! At least for day two! Right now Hubby is telling me it’s time to get my butt out of bed so we can start our day. I’ll tell you about our day yesterday later, but for now here are some pictures!

IMG_4593 IMG_4699 IMG_4703 IMG_4710 IMG_4718 IMG_4720


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