DC, Day One

Day one of our DC trip started out a little soggy… okay, a lot soggy. Our drive from York, PA to DC was nothing but a soggy, flood condition, mess. It was the kind of rain storm that makes you wonder if someone’s been building an ark. Anyways, we did managed to make it into Baltimore to visit a little corner restaurant called L.P. Steamers. This place was absolutely amazing! When you walk in you’re greeted with picnic bench style tables and butcher paper table clothes. The atmosphere is super relaxed and everyone’s happy to see you. Our waiter immediately seated us and told us the best thing on the menu for sea food lovers was the Natti Boht Load, which had a generous helping of clams, oysters, scallops, shrimp, muscles, a lobster tail, and a dozen medium sized blue crab. This might seem like a lot of food to order for two people (and it was), but boy did we devour every little fleck of seafood that was on our table. Though this was the only restaurant that we’ve eaten at during the start of our DC trip, we had already decided that we were going to make the half hour drive from our hotel to return and smash some crab.

Our half hour drive from Baltimore to DC was filled with more rain and puddles of water, and the slight worry that we might be having a repeat of our Florida adventures. Thankfully that didn’t happen and we made it to our hotel with little problem. Once we got to our room (which had a king bed, thank you god), we (i) quickly unpacked our suitcases and began planning just what we really wanted to do while we were here. Today’s itinerary involved dinner at Chadwick’s and a stroll through parts of the National Mall.

Oh, and another part of that itinerary was getting me on a bus and the metro for the first time ever. Yes, folks, today was the first time I’ve ever been on public transportation.. And it was a little nerve wracking. Most of the nerves came from Hubby who decided today would be a good time to give me a crash course in navigation. This meant that I had to find the nearest metro station (and i did after going the wrong way for half a block), and then figure out just how to give from there to Chadwick’s. Surprisingly, I managed it. Not sure how, but I did.

When we got to the restaurant we were immediately greeted and taken upstairs to a second bar, which was totally empty. Not long after we were seated, a great waiter came over and began explaining about the menu and their happy hour special. One of the things on the Happy Hour menu were wings. Hubby, of course, ordered those hot with extra sauce. I ordered their daily special, the chicken enchiladas. When our food came, Hubby was slightly worried since they weren’t extra saucy and they weren’t traditional Buffalo style. After the first bite, though, all concern went out the window and he mowed through that plate of wings like a garbage disposal. When he finally finished nibbling off the last bits of meat from a drumstick, I asked for his rating. Guys, he gave these wings a 9/10! Can you believe that? Obviously Chadwick’s know what they’re doing.

Sadly, my enchiladas didn’t get that high of a scar. Don’t get me wrong, they were delicious.. they just weren’t what I was expecting. The sauce was delicious, the tortillas were soft and perfect, the cheese that coated the top was just the right amount of melted, but the filling… that was where it lost points. This filling had little chunks of potato in it and it just wasn’t a great texture to go with everything else. On the side was some strange black bean rice (it looked terrifying, but it was beyond delicious) and a little salad. Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of the potato chunks, I still managed to clean everything off of my plate. The food was that good.

After dinner we decided to go wander around the outskirts of the National Mall for a little while, which we finally were able to do once we managed to catch the right bus to the right place. We got to see the White House, some memorials for World War One, World War Two, and the Vietnam War. Standing before these monuments was a heavy experience. Tears came to my eyes as I read the placards for each of them. A little while later Hubby and I wandered the area for a little while before making the trek home (which was a bit easier since hubby was navigating this time).

Today was a fun filled, emotionally charged day and I can’t wait for tomorrow to start. We haven’t yet decided just what we will be doing, but we do know that it will be fun! Here are some pictures from today. Hope you enjoy them!


LP Steamers 2 LP Steamers 3 LP Steamers 4 LP Steamers1Chadwick's 1 Chadwick's 2 Fountain Vietnam WW1 White House 2 White House 1 WW2


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