The Thousand Islands

As promised, here is the Thousand Islands break down. Our time there was mostly spent just being with family, which meant that we sat around a barbecue and drank beer and shot the shit. During the day we did some sight seeing, like taking a boat tour of the area and a little walk through of Boldt Castle, but it truthfully was just about being together.

Our vacation also coincided with Pirate Weekend, which was pretty awesome. Everyone was dressed up and there were some pretty fun reenactments, but it was mostly just an excuse to dress up and get drunk (which we did). I had honestly thought that there was more to say on our vacation, but Hubby’s parents really just wanted to spend time with us. Every day was spent getting breakfast in my father and mother-in-law’s room and chatting about the things we did the night before. During the afternoons, we went and got a light lunch (and a beer or two) and by dinner time we were gathered at the motel’s patio grilling clams and sausages and just talking. It was truly a special time for us since we don’t get to see Hubby’s side of the family all that often. The trip wasn’t about sight seeing or partying, it was just about being together as a family. I would have been happy if all we did was sit around the grill all day just talking, we didn’t need to go sight see or take tours or even go out to eat and drink.

Our adventure in Washington, DC starts later tonight and I can’t wait. We’ve already got a list of places to visit and things to do and we’re dying to go out and do them!


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