Let’s Get Personal Episode 5

Last Thursday I had my second ultrasound to see how everything was going, yesterday I had an appointment with my OB/GYN to go over the results of both the ultrasound and the bloodiest that she did a million years ago. My appointment was at 2:15, but with life in the half-assed lane that didn’t happen. The first SNAFU was when they asked where my ultrasound results were, as far as I knew they were currently in my file awaiting my doctor to look over them. Turns out that they weren’t, the information was never sent over. Oh joy. An hour and a half later I finally get through all the red tape of trying to get my own medical records sent over, they usher me into a room and tell me that the doctor will be along in a moment. Five minutes later the nurse pops her head in and asks when the results were going to be sent over. I was feeling slightly homicidal at this moment. How hard is it to just fax something over?! Apparently it’s really hard, especially when you’re at a ‘rival’ hospital, to get medical information transfered in this day and age. I seriously could have gone across town to get the records and then go back my OB/GYN at this point, but I go ahead and call the doctor’s office yet again and have them fax it over. Somehow it never went through (suuuure), but this time it did go.

At this point it’s 4pm and I’m getting ready to cry from frustration and nerves, when was this going to be over? Finally the doctor comes in and takes a seat. She looked genuinely happy! There was no forced smile, no grave expression or anything like that. Hey, maybe the day wasn’t going to be totally horrible. Turns out that I was right! Best day ever yesterday! The ultrasound results show that I am 100% cyst free, something that I totally didn’t expect. My blood tests show the same thing, everything is normal. No threat of Metabolic Syndrome in the near future, no worries about imbalanced hormones, nothing abnormal at all. I would have been happy if the results show that everything had stayed the same! This girl is pretty happy today, folks!


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